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Do you “engage in acting directly or soliciting others to act for the purpose of promoting, opposing, amending, or influencing in any manner the 
passage by the general assembly of any legislation or the action on that legislation by the governor as the appointed representative of another?” If yes, 
then you are probably a lobbyist who is required to register with us.

There are five exemptions:

People who advocate on their own behalf or testify at the request of a legislative committee or general officer
People whose sole lobbying activity is testifying at a public hearing of a legislative committee or commission on behalf of a nonprofit organization and who receive no compensation from that nonprofit organization and for whom that organization expends no funds related to the appearance
People engaged solely in drafting legislation
Elected officials or their designees acting in their official capacity
News media executives or their employees or agents who in the ordinary course of business directly or indirectly urge
legislative action, if they do not engage in any other lobbying activities in connection with that action.

If you are still unsure whether you are a lobbyist under the law, consult an attorney to determine if you meet the requirements to register as a lobbyist.

I was a lobbyist last year. Do I need to re-register?

ALL legislative, executive, limited, and governmental lobbyist last year, will need to re-register this year.

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